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Judith Nicolaidis artist in clay and much more.
Chris Wilson and Gene Olson metal+ artists.
Joyce Young watercolor artist and instructor.
Deb Zeller sculptor, jeweler, painter.
Levandowski Pottery: Aron and Jena Levandowski - the Polish potters, by appointment: 651-295-9911.
Amy Praught photographer & web-page designer.
Dan Holth - graphics.
El Perdido: AKA Frank Verdejo multi-media artist.
ARThouse: Lisa Bergh and Andrew Nordin -- a residential, phantom exhibition venue specializing in contemporary art and ideas.
Robert Glieden digital photographer specializing in B&W.
Barbara Roche painter: oil, encaustic, collage.
Carol Lundeenworks in pen and ink stipple, Claybord scratch and oil painting.
Gregg Rochester is an oil painter who splits his time between his Wisconsin home and the South West, and his talent between canvas and bicycles.
Lynda Peterson, a former watercolorist, has returned to oil. Paintings of landscapes comprise the greater part of her work, but she also paints portraits and collage.
Raymond Wattenhofer, a Minnesota oil painter from Park Rapids specializing in landscapes and wildlife artwork.

Arts Organizations

Viewfinders Camera Club Cokato-Dassel (Howard Lake-Annandale-and beyond) area camera club
Monticello Camera Club, Monticello, MN. Monthly Camera Club meetings are held primarily the third Wednesday of the month at the Monticello Community Center.
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Usually the 4th Sunday of April. People from all over the world are invited to submit a pinhole photograph taken on this day.
Guild of Metalsmiths (blacksmithing, sculpture, jewelry)
Go Welding.Org - The Art of Welding - a resource for all kinds of welded artwork.
Crow River Arts (area arts organization centered in Hutchinson, MN serving artists and communities in approx. 30 mile radius of Hutchinson)
SMAC (Southwest Minnesota Arts Council, one of Minnesota's regional arts councils and supporter of my Maclovio Rojas project)
CMAB (Central Minnesota Arts Board, another of Minnesota's regional arts councils)
MN.Arts.Site (St. Cloud area artists)
MAO Minnesota Artists Online
St. John's University/College of St. Benedict (Robert taught here from 1996 to 2006).
OvernightPrints™ Learning Center, has many interesting photography resources - check out developing film with coffee and vitamin C.
Another interesting site on the history of photography - The Evolution of Photography. Thanks to Ms. Green's Lexington Middle School Photography Club.
More links on The History of Photography and the Camera from Pinhole to Smartphones from the Snugg Academy by way of Matt and Adam in Angela's video and photography club at After School Care Programs.
And that link led me to an article from the University of Wisconsin, "Physicist Turns Smartphones Into Pocket Cosmic Ray Detectors"
Which led me to Chasing the Ghost Particle at the Wisconsin Icecube Particle Astrophysics Center.

Students send me interesting photo websites. Here is another from Rachel's summer photography program describing the many different photography professions one could choose.
Another link from After School Care Programs staffer, Julie and her daughter. This is a lens buying guide produced by BestBuy (disclaimer%#58; I am not endorsing nor am I being paid anything by BestBuy for this link. Use the information and compare prices with other photo suppliers)
This is about stage makeup from Cindy, a student of Rachel Martin at,

Other businesses to visit in our community

L.Louise Art and Home is the new art gallery in Dassel. It is located at 641 Parker Ave West (US Hwy 12).
Dassel, MN website (we are here)
Dassel Chamber of Commerce website learn more about Dassel
Dassel History Center and Ergot Museum, featuring the story of Ergot (a unique commodity, once a plague but vital to 20th century life saving medicine - and only in Dassel), US Senator Magnus Johnson (a founder of the Farmer Labor Party), Dassel Seed Corn (the story of the development of short season corn varieties and field development of hybrid seed corn by Dassel area farmers) and other exhibits. Open Year-round Tuesday through Saturday, 901 1st St N, 320-275-3077.
Cokato Finnish-American Historical Society, everything Finnish, language, music, history,....
Jay'z Bakery is right down the block from us. While you are here take a short walk down the street and taste their fresh baked goods.
Papa D`s Coffee Shop 4th St and Hwy 12 (specialty coffees and light lunches plus hand crafted items and antiques).
Midwest Garden Company and Log Cabin Gift Shop (just what it sounds like) 1+ mile south of Dassel on MN Hwy 15.
Dutch Lake Guest House, a special bed and breakfast in Howard Lake. Come for the weekend and stay here.
Another new business in our area is the Millner Heritage Vineyard and Winery located 8 miles north of Dassel on MN Hwy 15. Check their website for hours, events and free wine tasting.
A little farther away is the Parley Lake Winery near Waconia. It is the inspiration for three paintings by Deb Zeller.

Add these to our lakes, fields and forests, with fishing, hunting, trails for hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling ... come and Discover Dassel!


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